Seed Bead Sizes

Bead Count and Conversions

Seed bead sizes, for your seed bead project check out these conversion charts to help you determine the number of beads required for your design.

When creating your seed bead jewelry remember when measuring the length of your finished item allow for your spacer beads and for your jewelry clasp.

Don't be afraid of combining different seed bead sizes such as size 6 seed beads and size 8 in the same project, mixing and matching the different colours as well as different sized adds to the beauty of your seed bead jewelry.

Bead Size Needle Size Thread Size
8 or Larger 10 F
10 or Larger 10 D
11 and 12 12 B
13 and 14 13 O
15 and Smaller 15 OO

Kids just love being creative and easy projects for them to start on are beaded safety pin patterns, mixing and matching the beautiful colours to make a simple necklace or bracelet on thread or wire and then advancing to creating their favorite animal.

There are many designs where you need to add bulk or fill in and these tiny ones will be perfect as they come in a large range of colour, shapes and material.

Some of the beading patterns can be quite involved and require a lot of time and patience to complete, but when finished can look like stunning and you will be greatly rewarded for your effort.

Seed Beads

Seed bead hanks are loops of beads strung on thin cotton strands. Hung like necklaces they make a beautiful display on the wall of the beading stores. The range of colours is simply stunning. Each hank normally has 12 strands or fewer (Rocaille being one of these) although these amounts can vary slightly between each distributor so just check out their information before ordering.

Bead Size Approx. Beads per Hank
6/0 2160
8/0 3360
10/0 3500
11/0 4320
14/0 6720

For a large project I always purchase extra beads to make sure I have enough to finish my project and any remaining are used for other beading designs.

Aught Size Mm Diameter Beads per Inch
6/0 3.3 10
8/0 2.5 13
9/0 2.2 15
10/0 2.0 16
11/0 1.8 19
12/0 1.7 21
13/0 1.5 27
14/0 1.4 24
15/0 1.3 25
Delica 1.8 20

Seed Beads are measured in Aughts which can be a little confusing. Aughts are the number or beads lined up side by side in a given space. So 9/0 means that you will get 9 beads in that space and 12/0 means that you will have 12 in the same amount of space.


The smaller the number the bigger the beads and so it takes less to fill the same space.

Bead Length Fraction of Inch
1mm 1/32”
2 1/16”
3 3/32”
4 1/8”
5 3/16”
6 Under 1/4”
7 Over 1/4”
8 5/16”
9 Under 3/8”
10 Over 3/8”
11 7/16”
12 Under 1/2”
13 Over 1/2”
14 9/16”
15 Under 5/8”
16 5/8”
17 Under 11/16”
18 Over 3/4”
19 Over 3/5”
20 Under 3/16”
21 Over 13/16”
22 Under 7/8”
23 Over 7/8”
24 15/16”
25 1”

There is a number system used universally for all your sizes.

The charts on this site are an approximation, individual strands may vary with differences between manufacturers, country of origin and finishes.

Also the seed bead sizes of the beads you see may vary a little depending on your monitor's resolution.

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