Seed Bead Jewelry

Seed Bead and Bugles!

Seed Bead Jewelry - Variety of Types, Sizes, Finishes and Colours.

Variety of Types, Sizes, Finishes and Colours.

One of the most exciting things about

Most of the highest quality are made in Japan and the Czech Republic and these are the most uniform in size and shape.

One of the most exciting things about seed beads is that there is a huge variety of sizes, types and quality finishes available in each colour. The sheer choice can be overwhelming and becomes very exciting when choosing just the right ones for your seed bead jewelry.

Seed Bead Jewelry

The size of the bead is very important in a design. The most popular sizes range from size 6 to size 15, the higher the number the smaller the bead, the most common size are 11 or 12.

However there are larger and smaller seed beads available. Size 15 will give a much more dainty effect than a size 6.
It is also possible to achieve a more detail in your seed bead designs if a smaller one is used.

Smaller ones come in a variety of shapes, including, triangles, squares, bugle beads and seed beads. The smaller ones are petites and the large seed beads are known as pony beads, there are some great pony bead patterns and fantastic designs.

Some also have a different cut such as Charlottes and two-cut.

There are also cylinder beads, hexagonal and twisted bugles to add even more variety.

Wonderful sculptural and freedom bracelets, necklaces and pieces of beadwork can be made using these alone.

Seed Bead Jewelry

Make use of your knowledge of different types of beads when choosing them for your seed bead jewelry.

Even if the beadwork appears to be all one colour, pick a selection of beads with different finishes to give the beadwork interest and variety.

For that seed bead necklace pattern or those seed bead earring patterns there are many choices available to either give you some ideas of where to start beading or add to you already wealth of knowledge so your finished product will be superb.

You can use any size of seed bead for the projects although best results will be achieved using the correct size and type of bead specified in your seed bead jewelry.

Seed beads, cylinder and bugles are sold in a variety if packets, bags and tubes with no standard bead packet size. The packets or containers usually have the weight of beads marked, making it easy to decide how many packets you require.

Some are sold in round weights such as 5g or 100g. others are sold with particular number of beads and so have an odd weight such as 4.5.4g.

Unfortunately, the number of beads is not marked. Depending on the size or type of bead there are an average number per gram so it is fairly easy to work out what quantity of beads you need for a certain project. Use the table below to work out how many you require for your seed bead patterns.

Free seed bead patterns are available so you can create seed bead jewelry and craft with that special seed bead look.

Seed Bead Jewelry
Seed Bead Jewelry

Almost all of the seed beads are Toto.
These quality Japanese Toho beads are not only beautifully consistent, they have the advantage of more generously sized holes. Delica beads are cylindrical in shape and have very thin walls, as opposed to the rounder seed beads.
The average cost is about twice as much as seed beads, but truly worth it for you special seed bead jewelry.

Rocailles from JABLONEX is the basic and best known type of seed bead. Czech glass rocaille are by far our most popular and versatile available

Czech rocaille (round) seed beads are of superior quality, machine cut and are highly valued for their use in bead stringing, weaving, embroidery, all of your seed bead jewelry and much more.

The unique glass in which Jablonex produces seed beads is incomparable in terms of quantity and quality. It is divided into a number of categories, each of which includes dozens of types and shades across the entire colour spectrum.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads
Seed Bead Jewelry

Bugle beads are made in a simular way to seed beads. The glass canes are cut to a variety of lengths from 2-30mm. The most common sizes are 4mm, 6mm, 9mm & 15mm.

Twist Bugle are made from six-sided tubes that have been twisted while the glass is hot.

Iris Rainbow

They are also known by their trade names Delicas, Antiques and Magnifioas are precision-milled tubular beads.

They are cylindrical beads made from a six-sided glass cane. They are rather like a square bugle bead and are very useful for creating texture.

Iris or Rainbow
They have been treated with metal salts to create a coating that resembles an oil slick. They are often made from dark or black opaque beads and are also known as aurora broealis (AB.

Seed Bead Jewelry
Seed Bead Jewelry

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Transparent are made of clear or coloured glass which allows the light to pass through.

Opaque are solid colour which don't allow and light to pass through.

Translucent are between transparent and opaque and are also known variously as greasy opal and satin.

Seed Bead Jewelry
Seed Bead Jewelry
Seed Bead Jewelry

Greasy are made from cloudy glass: opal beads are slightly more transparent, white satin ones have tiny bubbles in the glass, which give them a directional sheen.

Gloss are very shiny, like glass.


are opaque beads that have been tumbled or dipped in acid to produce a dull flat surface.

Seed Bead Jewelry
Seed Bead Jewelry
Seed Bead Jewelry

Frosted are clear or translucent beads, which have been treated in a simular way.

Lustre have a transparent coating, either coloured or clear: giving them a subtle shine.


have a milky, pearlized lustre.

Seed Bead Jewelry
Seed Bead Jewelry
Seed Bead Jewelry

Colour-lined (CL) have had the hole in the bead lined with another colour. The beads can be clear or coloured.

Silver-lined (SL) have the hole in the bead lined with silver and look very sparkly. These beads can be bleached to remove the silver lining leaving a more subtle finish.

Metallic include any beads that looks metallic. The finish can be painted on in the case of galvanized beads, the finish is electroplated to the bead surface. Beads with painted metallic finishes should not be washed.

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