A Beautiful Pearl Beaded Necklace that applies Basic Jewelry Making!

Pearls are beautiful and this Pearl Beaded Necklace is great addition to your collection. Be creative with the many colors available and by making them yourself they make a special gift as well as them being cheap pearl necklaces.

This free bead pattern is one of many that are available for you to learn about beading.

Pearls are wonderful to use in your bead necklace patterns as they can be very elegant or a beautiful simple design that is great for casual wear.
Choose your own combination of colors and to make it a little difference, substitute crystals for the silver beads.

The finished length of this bead necklace pattern will be 18” (45.72cm) but will extend to 20” (50.8cm) with the chain extender, but you can vary this by adding more pearls, silver beads or bugle beads to acquire your desired length.

Free Beading Instructions

Jewelry Making Materials for your Necklace

Jewelry Making Tools

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads

Beading Instructions for Pearl Jewelry Making

Step 1. Begin by choosing your beads for your necklace. Place them on your beading board which prevents them from rolling away.

Beading Board

Instructions on How to Open a Jump Ring!

Step 2. Join 4 x jump rings together to form a chain, make a second one then put them aside.

Jump Rings

Step 3. Without cutting your wire and working on your beading mat, thread the beads directly onto your tiger tail in the following order:-

  • bugle bead between each pearl and silver bead
  • large dark green pearl
  • large silver bead
  • dark green pearl
  • 3 x large cream pearls
  • dark green pearl
  • silver bead
  • dark green pearl
  • bugle bead
Pearl and Bead Jewelry

Step 4. Thread onto the tiger wire 1 x crimp, then through 1 x small split ring then back through the crimp.

Crimp Bead


If you are new to crimping or not quite sure how it is done then check out these instructions on how to use crimping pliers.

Split Ring

Position your crimp so there is sufficient room for the split ring to move then crimp the bead. Thread the excess wire through the first few beads of the necklace so there will be no ends to scratch your skin. Place a crimp cover over the crimp to give the necklace a neat finish.

Crimp Covers

Step 5. Allow 5cm then cut your wire and complete this end as in Step 4. Now add those 4 x jump rings to your split ring, see the instructions on the split ring pliers on how to attach with ease.


I have a pair of wire cutters that I only use for cutting tiger tail as this wire tends to make the cutters blunt.

Ensure there is a little movement between the beads or your necklace design will be very stiff and won’t sit nicely.

Extender Chain

Step 6. For the outer section of the necklace thread onto the wire your beads in the following order:-

  • bugle bead between each pearl and silver bead
  • 10mm cream pearl
  • cream pearl
  • 7mm cream pearl
  • silver bead
  • 3 x more cream pearls with a bugle bead between
  • 15 x bugle beads
Lobster Clasp

Step 7. Complete this end of your necklace by threading onto the wire 1 x crimp, then through 1 x split ring then back through the crimp. Place a crimp cover over the crimp, then attach the lobster clasp onto the split ring.

Step 8. Complete the other side to match, keeping the same distance between groups, but attach your extension chain to the largest split ring.

Take a head pin and add, small bugle bead, large bugle bead then small bugle, make a loop and attach to the end of the chain.

Let’s Continue with making your Pearl Beaded Necklace

Pearl Jewelry Making

Join each end to the 4 x split rings so that your pearl beaded necklace is now one piece.

With the entire remaining pearls place each of them on a head pin, make a loop and add them equally to the jump rings of the pearl beaded necklace.

Head Pins

Place a pearl then a 9cm bead on the head pin, cut it with your pliers, remove the bead then make a loop.

Measure Bead for Loops

By placing a bead above the pearl you will always have the exact length for each pin.

Making Loops


Instructions on how to make a loop.

Beading Techniques

Pearl Beaded Necklace pics

This completes your Pearl Beaded Necklace but here are some more great pages your might like!

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