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Step by Step Beaded Lanyard Patterns

Your free step by step lanyard instructions on how to make bead lanyards, fancy lanyards, neck lanyards, badge lanyards, check out these patterns for your beaded lanyards.

One of the most beautiful lanyards is the beaded lanyard as they are a little different and are made up of jewelry making beads and beading materials, created with care and precision.

Where as your common lanyards use the actual cord, nylon, polyester or piece of rope that is fairly plain, and unappealing to the eye.

With little effort you can replace the boring lanyard you currently own with a number of beaded lanyards to reflect your individuality. A great bead jewelry project to share with others.

A lanyard is a great way to carry your work ID badge, pens, glasses, or those all important set of keys as well as those magnetic card swipes, and they are both attractive and practical.

Some of the many places they are used are conventions, schools, university, hospitals, trade shows and businesses.

Beaded Lanyard Patterns & Styles

Fancy Lanyards

This is where you add your individual flair, dress up your ID badge with beads and colors to suit your style!

Use different colored and patterned beads to enhance the beauty of the lanyard.

The price of the beaded lanyard varies in accordance with the materials and beads used and just how fancy you choose to make them.

Badge Lanyards

Create your ID badge lanyards with beads and match the color with your outfit or for an added touch choose the colors of the company you represent or match your uniform.

Make a statement with this accessory. Even though your beaded lanyard ID badge holders may not require a closure you can add a magnetic if required for your work environment.


A lanyard will be worn most working days so has a much harder life than a necklace. Consider the types of beads required. Some beads are prone to chip easily and other not very durable so take this into consideration when selecting your beads.

Neck Lanyards

They have become very popular and because they are easily made many women tend to have a nice collection of them. They make a wonderful handmade gift for anyone in the family, friend or ideal for end of year gift for your teacher or a fellow worker.


If you are making one for someone else put a little thought into choosing colors to complement their style without going too bold.

Eye Glass Lanyards

Always looking for your glasses! Beaded lanyards, frequently described as spectacles holders are often used to hang glasses around your neck. These can be a little different as the beads are often smaller than the standard lanyards. Just check them when finished to make sure they are secure and your glasses will be safe and at hand. A popular design is to use a mix of seed and bugle beads and alternate with slightly larger beads.


Large beads around the neck may be uncomfortable if there is a reasonable weight on the lanyard. Seed beads or bugle beads are great for the neck area.

These are handcrafted using combinations of glass beads, semi-precious beads or Swarovski crystals, seed beads and other beading materials to create your semi-precious jewellery.

They are pricier but as they are so beautiful well worth the extra cost and the effect quite stunning.

Creative Lanyards

Handbag, backpacks, mobiles are a few of the ones listed under this heading. Created with a mixture of beads and charms they are very trendy beaded jewelry.

With illustrated lanyard instructions you will seen be making them for your friends.

Lanyard Clips for Your Beaded Lanyards

There is quite a variety of lanyard hooks, badge clips that you can use to enhance your lanyard while making it very secure. Rings are also very popular depending on your needs. Follow the easy lanyard instructions on how to attach them.


The simple instructions on how to make lanyards will illustrate adding a second crimp to the ends for extra strength and security.

Making Lanyards with Jewelry Making Beads

The most common length for a lanyard is 36" (91.44 cm), but can be anywhere from 30" (76.2 cm) to 44" (111.76 cm) so you can personalize this length to suit your own preferences. Because of the long length a lanyard rarely has a clasp, although if required in the workplace or for safety reasons they can be designed with a magnet clasp.

Lanyard Instructions to Make Bead Lanyards

Colorful beads create a top quality lanyard that is fashionable as well as useful. The lanyard clip can be a snap hook, badge clip, cell phone strap, or retractable reel, depending upon your needs.

Using a bead board to lay out the pattern of your lanyard is a good idea, this way your will be able to see any imperfections in your design before your fully thread all the beads.

Just follow the lanyard instructions for your chosen design.

Step by Step Lanyard Instructions on :-

How to Make a Beaded Lanyard

Beaded lanyards are so easy to make, much like making a long beaded necklace, and they really are a cute and stylish way to complete any outfit for work.

They are a great project to start your beginner beading.

You can personalize your beaded lanyard by substituting your own choice of beads and colors to suit your style!

Showcase a focal bead.

Whatever beaded lanyards you choose, the beaded lanyards provide an attractive eye catching piece of jewelry to wear on a day to day basis.

Replace the boring one you already own and choose any of the styles most suited to you and follow the easy lanyard instructions to complete your piece.

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