Free Crochet Instructions

Learn how to bead crochet with these Free Crochet Instructions

If this is your first attempt than you may want to practice with a little thread or wool first up, then when you have mastered a few of the basic stitches translate your new skill into unique crocheted jewelry.

It may take a few experiments before you learn how to be consistent with the tension. This comes with practice. The most common used in wire crochet patterns you will find to be 28g to 30g. Begin with 28 gauge wire and crochet hook 2mm.

When you crochet with wire, it’s important to control the size of the loop before you begin the next stitch.


Once again due to differences between the Brown and Sharpe and Wire conversion of Gauges to Millimeters there can be some confusion until one becomes familiar with the Gauges/Millimeters.


Check your tension carefully before commencing your design, as only the correction tension will ensure the best finished specimens. If you’re a tight worker choose a hook that is slightly larger (in size) than mentioned, while a slack worker, choose one that is a smaller size.

Once you are confident then for the special effects add some jewelry making beads, crystals or gemstones. All beads must be pre-strung on the wire before commencing to crochet. Most patterns will indicate the numbers required and if random or repeating threading. Simply add the beads and let them slide down the wire. Be mindful of kinking wire.

When commencing to crochet have a small number approximately 30cm from the working area: this makes it easy to work and reach for the beads to bring up and crochet or, once threaded onto wire gently wrap back around spool, unwinding as required.


Wire doesn’t slide once it’s bent, so you can’t easily tighten or loosen your stitches after they are made.


Cut wire leaving a length to weave back through the work, and attach closure.
Attach closure using the length of wire. Weave the wire into a bead a couple of times and cut the wire close to where it comes out of the bead. Weaving then ends back into the work will give the pieces a structural integrity and a polished finish. Just follow directions for your chosen piece in all of our free crochet instructions.


Always check to make sure you are cutting the right wire after finishing the back weave.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads


Chain Nosed Pliers have long, smooth, flat, tapered jaws that are used for squeezing, gripping and bending wire and opening and closing jump rings.


Diagonal wire cutters are great to get a flush cut where it is a little difficult to reach and they are to be used on all your soft craft wire and precious metals. Safety glasses should be worn when cutting wire, to prevent injury.


Actual sizes of two different types of crochet hooks are shown underneath. One is clover hooks the other based on New International Size. Sizes are indicated either by a number or letter. Also keep in mind there are differences between the USA and UK sizing.
When choosing one consider you’re working tension.

Beg Begin/beginning RS Right Side
BL Back Loop sc Single Crochet
ch st Chain Stitch sk Skip
cont Continue sl st Slip Stitch
dc Double Crochet sp Space
FL Front Loop st(s) Stitche(es)
foll Following tbl Through Back Loop
hdc Half Double Crochet WS Wrong Side
rem Remain/remaining yoh Yarn over Hook
rep Repeat

Starting with a simple design, begin with a pair of earrings then advancing to a larger project such as bracelets and necklaces. Even advancing to braiding with fancy yarn which adds a gorgeous texture to your design with our free crochet instructions.


Crochet with wire.

Crochet Beaded Necklace - A colorful crochet beaded necklace that is easy beading. Learn how to crochet with beads using fine silver wire and these free crochet instructions.

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