Floating Pearl Necklace

Instructions for Making a Pearl Beaded Necklace!

Create a Floating Pearl Necklace, this beautiful necklace with easy beading instructions can be turned into a multi-strand pearl necklace by simply adding a few more strands.

There are a variety of ways to make them, you don’t have to only use pearls, substitute some crystals, glass beads or even shell. To add some color and be a little different try interspersing some crystals with the pearls, or other beads.

There are many beads for jewelry making that would look splendid in this design but when choosing them just be aware of their weight, if they are too heavy they will tend to drag the design down instead of giving it fullness.

This illusion-style necklace is made with flexible beading wire, but if you don't like the look of crimps to secure the floating beads then use a clear beading thread, also referred to as invisible or illusion cord. It is also sold as fishing line and the technical name is monofilament.

To keep the beads in place we add a drop of jeweler's cement (or equivalent glue) where you want a bead to go, and then slide the bead onto the glue. This prevents any glue from showing on the stringing material although it does dry clear.

I have found Super Glue (gel formula) to be a good alternative and there are a number of glues that can be used, read the instructions to see if they are suitable for this application.

When it comes to beading for beginners then this floating pearl necklace is a great design to start you on your way to creating some beaded jewelry. This design can be turned into a three strand pearl necklace, just add an extra strand. The metal spacer I have used comes with three holes in the bar so is perfect for this design.

The finished length of this bead necklace pattern will be 18” (45.72cm) and 20” (50.8cm), but you can vary this by allowing more space between the sections or adding more beads just cut to the required length of your design.

Jewelry Making Materials
Jewelry Making Materials
Jewelry Making Tools


Anyone who has a pacemaker should not wear a magnetic jewelry clasp, also pregnant women need to take care.

As these have a strong magnetic field care should be taken to keep them separated from electronics.

Bead Jewelry Instructions for Making a Floating Pearl Necklace

Begin by choosing your beads. Place them on your beading board which prevents them from rolling away.

Step 1. Cut two lengths of beading wire, 21” (53.34cm) and 23” (58.42cm) this is allowing extra length to add your clasp. Choose the diameter of the wire based on the hole sizes of the beads you have chosen.

Swarovski Crystals


I have a special pair of marked wire cutters that I only use for cutting tiger tail as this wire can take the edge off the blade.

Lay the beads out on your beading board in the order that you would like them to appear on the wire. Rearrange these until you are happy with the design. Do this process for each strand.

Measure the overall length to make sure your cut will accommodate your own beads and design, if not allow extra.

The beauty of the beading board is that these have parallel channels in which you can place your strands to compare them and the markings allow you to space them accordingly.

Bead Necklace Design

Step 2. For this design take your 23” length of wire and thread:-

  • 1 x crimp
  • 1 x 10mm pearl
  • 1 x crimp

Step 3. Hold the two ends of the wire together so the bead is in the middle, lay it down on your beading mat, with your crimping pliers crimp one end and allowing a little movement crimp the second end.

Beginner Beading

I have used a pair of flat nosed pliers for the crimping, this will give a flat look and you can use crimping pliers for a 2 step process.

Floating Pearl Necklace


If you are new to crimping or not quite sure how it is done then check out these instructions on how to use crimping pliers.

Step 4. Add another crimp, pearl and crimp. Place the strand of wire on your tray with the first pearl at the mark “0” and position the second pearl in place. Crimp either side of this pearl.

Floating Pearl Necklace

Step 5. Continue this process attaching the other three pearls to this side. Complete the other side to match, keeping the same distance between the pearls.
Lay it back down on your beading board and position the pearls for the inner strand where you would like them to be placed.

Floating Pearl Necklace

Step 6. Take your 21” length of wire and complete the inner strand following the instructions for the outer strand.

Pearl Jewelry Making
Let’s Continue with How to Make a Floating Pearl Necklace

Step 7. When both strands are finished lay them on your beading mat. On each strand place:-

  • 1 x crimp
  • 1 x metal spacer

Floating Pearl Necklace

Bring the two strands together and thread onto them:-

  • 1 x crimp
  • 1 x 5mm pearl
  • 1 x crimp
  • 1/2 of the magnetic clasp

Lay your floating pearl necklace on the mat and form a circle. Position the metal spacer so that there is some space between it and the last pearl. Adjust the inner strand so that the end pearl sits between the two end pearls.

I manipulated and played with the necklace quite a bit, just keep adjusting until they are all sitting where you would like them. When you are happy with the result then crimp the crimp below the metal spacer on the outer strand.

Floating Pearl Necklace

Step 8. Thread the two wires back through the crimp, bead and crimp, using your chain nosed pliers to gently pull the wire through and position them neatly. When it is sitting the way you want it allow some space for movement and then crimp the crimp closest to the clasp.

Magnetic Jewelry Clasp

Place your pearl and the second crimp into position, allow some space, now move the crimp up ever so slightly and with your wire cutters cut the ends of the wire. Then move your crimp down slightly so all ends will be covered when you crimp.
By doing this there will be no ends to scratch your skin. If there is then use a jewelry file to take the sharp ends off.

Step 9. Complete the other side to match, keeping the same spacing between the pearls and metal spacer and the clasp.

Floating Pearl Necklace pic

If you are creating this with invisible cord or clear beading thread then add a pearl to your floating pearl necklace and secure it with glue, if any come loose re-glue them.

Floating Pearl Necklace
To add the clasp use crimps, but first add some glue and take care not to over crimp as they could split the cord and ruin your creation.
Floating Pearl Necklace

This completes this beautiful Floating Pearl Necklace.

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