Easy Friendship Bracelet

How to Make a Friendship Bracelet!

This is an easy friendship bracelet, where you follow the basic square knot. To make a friendship bracelet, for this design all that is required are seed beads, yarn and a button.

You begin any friendship bracelet by choosing the colors, you can use embroidery floss, plain yarn or any other equivalent cord/string of your choice. Embroidery floss can give you a really fine bracelet, so depending on the thickness as to which cord you use and the more colors or stands you choose the thicker the bracelet becomes.

Beading Material

For this particular bracelet I have used DMC 4 cotton thread, this is ideal for the seed beads I have chosen.

To start your friendship bracelet take the three strands of equal lengths 71cm (28”) vary this measurement to suit your needs.

Secure Cords

You will need something to hold your bracelet firm while you create the design, so work with a clip board or tape your bracelet to a table edge, or use a large safety pin to attach it to a small pillow or pin it to the leg of your jeans, whatever is comfortable for you.

Secure the ends of your threads then choose one color strand to begin with and make a series of square knots that will form the loop to go over the button at the other end of your friendship bracelet. The color you have chosen will always remain as the anchor thread and will not be seen in the remaining friendship bracelet pattern.

Anchor threads are the ones that you hold firmly in one hand and with the other hand knot the main threads over.

Half Jitch

When it is long enough remove from where it is secured and tie an overhand knot to form a neat loop that will slide over the button. Tie off the thread to make it secure.

Form Loop

You are now ready to begin your easy friendship bracelet!

Once again secure the loop so you can start, bring your base cords together so that they are parallel to each other. With the left hand thread make a forward knot over the single anchor thread. To do this, take the thread over and under the anchor thread and take it back through the loop and bring it up tight. Then create a backward knot with the same thread going under and over the same anchor thread and take it back through the loop and bring it up tight.

Larks Head Knot

Take the right hand strand and do the same.

Larks Head Knot
Larks Head Knot

Repeat these two steps for a total of six knots.

Add your Beads

Using a twisted wire beading needle, if you do not have one see the picture as they are easy enough to make yourself, add your beads to the two outer threads and tie a knot at the end.

Twisted Wire Beading Needles

With the left hand thread slide a bead up then create a forward knot, then a backward knot. Do the same to the right hand thread.

Larks Head Knot
Larks Head Knot
Larks Head Knot
Larks Head Knot
Easy Friendship Bracelet with added seed beads.

Continue with the pattern until you have reached the desired length then create another six knots without beads.

Friendship Bracelet Instructions
Friendship Bracelet Design

Attach the button and tie off the knots at the back.

Add a Button

Trim off any excess threads.

Friendship Bracelets Pattern
Easy Friendship Bracelets

This completes your easy friendship bracelet.

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